07 Jun 2018     

Etron Technology Create 3D Depth-Map Wide Angle Distance Detection & Gesture Control – EX8036 is the winner of 2018 Taipei International C

Etron Technology (TPEx: 5351.TW) completes integration of semiconductor, HIDAS ((Heterogeneous Integration Design/Architecture/System) for chips, modules, systems and introduces 3D Depth-Map Wide Angle Distance Detection & Gesture Control – EX8036, which adopts natural light with 3D depth. The development of visual IC/platform technology enables electronic products to perceive the surrounding environment as human being and obtain the depth as well as the depth of the surrounding scene which is to be photographed. Under the development of deep learning of unmanned vehicles, robots, and AI with the depth of vision able to be sensed by the machine. With the rise of various 3D applications, the EX8036 meets the 3D depth sensing application needs for machine vision.

The 3D Sensing Wide-Angle Ranging/Gesture Recognition Module – EX8036 has a built-in self-developed IC – the eSP876 HD Depth-Map single chip with the Dual AR0135 Global Shutter – 1280 x 960 @54fps CIS and four 850nm VCSEL infrared point projector with 6cm base line, a wide field of view up to 114 degrees, 3D detection between the calculation range distance from 20cm to 3.5m, and high quality 3D depth map quality images which is suitable for indoor or outdoor large-scale natural light environments. Without the need of an active light source, a highly flexible vision machine. In response to the depth sensing needs of industry 4.0, robots and UAVs, the company also provides high-precision wide-angle 81 degree or 60 degree 3D sensing wide-angle ranging/gesture recognition module EX8036C/EX8036D, which is suitable for interpretation. The probability that the accurate value falls outside the standard deviation is less than 2%, The probability that the accurate value falls outside the standard deviation is less than 2%, which can provide advanced 3D vision, increase the accuracy of the target's depth Z value, and can quickly convert digital data to big data on the 3D point cloud (Point Cloud).  

As iPhoneX is equipped with 3D sensing capabilities and with Android manufacturers also launching 3D sensing products this has set off a market boom for 3D sensing. According to market research, the 3D imaging and sensing market wll grow from exponentially US$1.3 billion in 2016 to US$9billion in 2022, with a CAGR of 37.7%. 3D sensing applications are changing the daily life for people by taking pictures then matching costumes, measuring the shape of the body, etc. The application areas include: AR, VR, MR, facial recognition, games, robots, automatic navigation vehicles, drones, machine vision, number statistics, object tracking, indoor GPs and autopilot said Jason Lin, Vice President, EYs3D Microelectronics, Co. of Etron Group. The award-winning 3D Depth-Map Wide-Angle Distance Detection & Gesture Control – EX8036 has been introduced by many of the world's leading AR / VR HMD companies.