25 Apr 2019     

BC Award Review Period Has Ended with Emphasis on Gaming, Security, AI, and 5G

The co-organizer of COMPUTEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that the review stage for Best Choice Award (BC Award) has officially ended. BC Award is the official award of COMPUTEX that serves as a buyer’s guide both local and international visitors. The review for BC Award is highly competitive and stringently done by a professional jury panel from government representatives, academicians, research analysts, editor-in-chiefs and experts. A press conference will be held in the week before COMPUTEX to officially announce the winning products.

TCA stated that after analyzing the selected products; many of them were found to be gaming and e-sports related products. The products include gaming towers, monitors, accessories, and Creator PCs. With an increased demand for smart home and smart city security monitoring; the number of security products & solutions entry to BC Award have also grown. AI usage in big data, cloud services, and smart business is undeniable. Various companies also incorporate AI into their products’ UX to improve the products’ competitiveness.

As 5G will be launched in 2020, businesses including telecommunication service providers and server manufacturers have launched telecom servers, optical communication devices, and base station routers for 5G and 4G communication services.

Personal Gaming Market Continues to Grow

A report issued by IDC recently pointed out that the gaming market; including desktops, notebooks, and monitors are expected to reach 42.1 million units in 2019. With a Year-over-Year growth of 8.2% and 5 year CAGR of 9.8%; the number is expected to reach 61.1 million in 2023.  

More Demand for Security Solutions and Applications

IDC released a report which predicts that security solutions; hardware, software, or services; will reach USD 103.1 Billion in 2019. This value is up 9.4% from the 2018 figures and is expected to continue to grow until it reaches USD 133.8 Billion in 2022; a CAGR of 9.2%. The research also stated that banks, companies, and government agencies are the main consumers of security solutions with B2B purchases being the main transaction.

Big Data and Business Analytics Increase Rapidly 

Another report from IDC on big data and business analytics predicted that the value of the two industries combined will reach USD 189.1 billion in 2019. It is expected to grow with an annual growth rate of 12% and is expected to grow until USD 274.3 Billion in 2022; the CAGR from 2018 to 2022 is 13.2%.

5G Communications Resources to Prepare for 2020 Rollout

5G services are expected to be launched in 2020. As COMPUTEX TAIPEI is Asia’s leading B2B ICT Platform, 5G is also one of the key categories this year. Several exhibitors said that domestic and international telecom operators have begun testing for 5G communication in the end of 2018 and will launch in 2019. The equipment includes 5G NR, 5G millimeter wave, 5G small cell, micro base stations, base station routers, and more; further increasing COMPUTEX’s importance as the main B2B ICT procurement platform.