23 May 2019     

AIFA i-Ctrl - the only remote you will ever need!Use your smart phone or smart AI speaker to make connected home a reality

AIFA Technology Corp., one of the leader in IoT smart remote controller, its latest IoT remote control product i-Ctrl, is recognized by 2019 BC Award. i-Ctrl-Turn your smartphone into the most powerful remote to make smart home control simple than ever.


“AIFA aims to provide the best product that can enhance the convenience of people’s lives.”


i-Ctrl enables you to control traditional infrared home appliances such as TV, AC, DVD, STB…via smartphone’s app even when you are away. Making traditional home appliances smart without adding any sensors to them. With i-Ctrl, it is that easy to turn your home into a modern smart home. i-Ctrl smart universal remote control also features scheduling and scene functions. The scheduling function can be used to remotely turn on AC and lights while you are on your way home from office and is looking for a comfort and cozy home. The scene function creates a movie mode, dimming the lights and turning on your TV and speakers.


You can also pair the device with Alexa and Google Assistant to activate the voice control function. Through integrating the smart AI speaker and i-Ctrl, make a voice control smart home life a reality.


AIFA Technology is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the remote control, with 26 years of experience. AIFA leverages its technology and the latest IoT trend, aslo known as an IoT development company now. i-Ctrl has a large database which includes complete code list , suitable for almost 95 % infrared home devices on the market. Remote control commands are pre-installed, ready to communicate with your existing home appliances. Quickly and easily connect and control your all traditional devices from a single app! With i-Ctrl powerful remote to boost comfort, smart and start an energy-saving life.


AIFA design and manufacture i-Ctrl’s software and hardware purely in house, including Wi-Fi module, database IC, cloud service, iOS and Android smart remote app. AIFA is also known as a worldwide infrared signal database owner and supplier.