Network Attached Storage

QNAP Systems, Inc.

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Winning Reason

  • With the requirement of cloud architecture for enterprises, the product supports multiple operation systems simultaneously.
  • Since the product has received the certificates of VMware and Critrix and is compatible to MS Hyper-V, it is appreciate to the virtualized environment deployment.
  • In addition to the applications for enterprises, the product can be equipped not only dual HDMI for 4K playback output, but also OceanKTV software for home KTV system.

Product Feature

The TS-453A innovatively supports the open-source Linux® platform as a gateway for IoT solutions to other smart devices. And it is powered by the latest quad-core Intel® Celeron® processor which allows users to enjoy 4K (H.264) video playback and 1080p/4K video real-time transcoding directly from the TS-453A to an HD/4K display.