21.5" IP68 Touch Panel PC

Litemax Electronics Inc.

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Winning Reason

• This product is one of the few ultra-thin touch-control computers that has both ultra-high brightness and IP68 waterproof for the entire machine; it is applicable for various rigorous environments such as offshore oil-drilling platforms and other high-salt, high humidity environments.
• This product uses high transmittance adhesive technology to increase the quality and reliability of the entire system, an internal/external pressure balancing system to allow it to adapt to different altitudes and temperature changes, and it has a built-in automatic temperature control design.

Product Feature

• Challenge design limit of IP68 with ultra high brightness panel PC.
• Sunlight readable LCD with lower power consumption.
• Intel Gen7 CPU with maximum performance.
• Optical bonding Touch and LCD to prevent foggy screen.
• Ultra wide operation temperature with slim profile.
• Auto atmospheric pressure adjustment suitable for any elevation related application.