Renewable Energy Management Controller

PLANET Technology Corporation

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Winning Reason

  • This green energy smart management system makes off-grid, real-time centralized remote management a reality. This human-based management system can help to maximize the use of renewable energy and bring about energy independence for remote areas such as national parks and off-grid medical centers. It can centrally manage up to 512 renewable energy PoE managed switches and 2048 IP cameras, has an interactive, round smart monitoring interface, provides real-time information on power status and network traffic, has historical data monitoring, and supports real-time adjustment of terminal PoE power usage.

Product Feature

  • World's first controller to integrate Green technology & PoE management
  • Off-grid Real-time Centralized Remote Management
  • Integrates SNMP, ONVIF, and MQTT protocols and PLANET Smart Discovery
  • Auto discovery of 512 Renewable Energy PoE+ Switch & 2048 IP cameras
  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor green power, battery status, network traffic, PoE usages & device status
  • Event alert notification via e-mail
  • Map view & monitor snapshot from IP cameras
  • Supports PLANET DDNS & Easy DDNS
  • RWD Design