4K HDMI over IP Extender


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Winning Reason

• The innovation of this video extender is that it can provide point-to-point, multipoint-to-multipoint configuration and provide extension, segmentation, matrix conversion, and video wall outputs. At the same time, there is unlimited replication and flexibility.
• Intuitive graphical design; uses drag-and-drop to quickly switch between image sources and other screen changes, and perform horizontal and vertical TV wall splicing. It is also equipped with remote monitoring function; it is very innovative and enables creativity.
• Important target markets include large retail stores (stores, department stores), public transportation (MRT, bus transfer stations), large sports bars, etc. As the market for digital signage worldwide has a potential of more than US$16 billion, this product also has considerable potential for export.

Product Feature

The ATEN VE8950 Video over IP Extender is an effective digital signage solution delivering visually lossless 4K AV signals with low latency over long distance via a standard Gigabit network. Perfect for a wide range of environments, such as trade shows, airports, university campuses, conference centers, and shopping centers.