Etron Technology, Inc.

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Winning Reason

• Uses natural light 3D depth-map visual IC technology to allow electronic products to acquire the depth distance and depth image of the object being shot.
• Self-developed eSP876 HD Depth-Map Processor can simplify system design.
• It can be applied indoor or outdoor in large scale natural light environments, and has flexible usage for both bright and dark locations.
• It is compact and lightweight, able to lower cost effectively and help manufacturers quickly develop, allowing 3D sensor system applications to be quickly popularized.

Product Feature

Utilizing our proprietary -3D Natural-Light AI-Vision IC Technologies, EX8036 enables to obtain the depth of the scene, thus sensing the surrounding environment like a human being would. It is embedded with an in-house developed IC, eSP876 HD Depth-Map Processor and two global shutter image sensors, with the high integration of a single-chip solution simplifying the system design.