RJ-45 Security Lock ( Booth No. :R1326 )


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Winning Reason

  • YOUHUNG’s RJ-45 Security Lock offers physical protection for the prevalent RJ-45 Ethernet port on every Internet-connected device. YOUHUNG’s RJ-45 Lock receives the Jury’s Special Award for SME mainly due to the attention to fine design details: its colorful design facilitates categorization in data centers, the precision of its injection-molded production streamlines the insertion and extraction, the hallow design will not interfere with electrical contacts of RJ-45 port, the design of the lock can double as a dust-proof cover of the RJ-45 port, the design of the key allows easy insertion even under dimmed lightening.

Product Feature

  • To prevent unauthorized removal of the cable.
  • Even in high density applications do not interfere with each other.
  • Easy installation RJ-45 security lock device is locked.
  • Special removal tool to release enhanced security. Compatible with most RJ-45 information outlets, it is suitable for a variety of information entity connection blocking applications.
  • The internal hollow design does not interfere with the socket contacts and is dust-proof.