NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier ( Booth No. :N1421 )

NVIDIA Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. Taiwan Branch

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Winning Reason

  • AGX Xavier is a single-board computer for executing AI model inference and can be applied in a variety of embedded environments. It can be applied to various fields and is now widely used in autonomous machine vehicles or platforms.
  • It is built-in with powerful deep learning computing power of 32 TOPs at a power consumption range of 30W/15W/10W, suitable for autonomous machines powered by battery.
  • The board includes powerful capabilities of video processing, image signal processing by various accelerator designs. It can be ranked among the top list of single-board computers in the world.

Product Feature

  • The world’s 1st AI Computer for autonomous machines
  • 512-Core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU with Tensor Cores
  • (2x) NVDLA (NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator) Engines 
  • 8-Core ARM® v8.2 64-Bit Carmel CPU
  • 32 DL TOPS 
  • Support Isaac SDK for accelerating the development of AI robotics
  • Support Deepstream for video analytics