AI Server with Liquid Cooling Solutions/SYS-420GP-TNAR series

Super Micro Computer, Inc.

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Winning Reason

  • Technical innovation based on a high functioning and highly efficient server. A product series that provides all types of customized solutions, it's use cases range from air conditioning to liquid cooling. GPU memory ranges from 40-80GB with a power supply of 2200-3000W.

Product Feature

  • Best GPU Servers for Modern Data Centers. The Most Comprehensive AI Systems Featuring the Latest NVIDIA Ampere based GPU Platforms
  • State-of-the-art AI/Deep learning/High performance Computing GPU server with the highest computational capabilities in the world
  • Best PUE 1.1x(Power Usage Effectiveness) performance for Commercial Deployment cases
  • 4U Dual Processor(3rd Gen Intel® Xeon®)GPU System with NVIDIA HGX A100 8-GPU 40GB/80GB, NVLink, NVSwitch, Redundant 3000W Titanium Level Power Supplies