ASRock Inc.


Winning Reason

This product has all-around enhanced cooling efficiency thanks to its innovative water cooling design, improved radiator fin thickness, and ultra-high heat conductive thermal grease. This hardware design is for high frequency players, with a 12-layer sever-grade low-loss PCB full coverage water coolant block that delivers extreme cooling for the CPU and power modules. It has 2oz copper PCB for greater heat capacity. Put this all together and it is no wonder gamers love this motherboard.

Product Feature

1. OC Design: Z690 AQUA OC is equipped with 12 layers server-grade PCB and OC buttons.
2. AQUA Cooling Armor: the custom water cooling block is designed to dissipate the heat of CPU and VRM, and its eye-catching RGB LED and metal texture shows the elegance and beauty.
3. Killer Networking: It allows users to use both Ethernet and Wi-Fi interface simultaneously to ensure that high priority task will be handled by the fastest network interface.