AAEON Technology Inc.

Embedded Edge AI computing Workstation

Winning Reason

The AAEON BOXER-8240AI uses a powerful Nvidia GPU for its huge computing power. With its compact, fanless design and Kubernetes container orchestration system, this Edge system work station is number one for global market share. Coupled with a flexible range of I/O features and an industrial rugged design, the device is particularly well-suited for the conditions brought about during extreme engineering projects, like the vibrations from a driverless bus or the pounding of a pile driver.

Product Feature

- Under compact size and a 60W full power consumption on CPU and GPU, BOXER-8240AI capable to be an Edge workstation, and easily handle the Kubernetes Master in Scale.
- The unique PoE, M.2 M+E, and 40 pins programable GPIO that specially support aerospace, Autonomous, and healthcare instrument.
- The Pre-installed AAEON customized Linux supports and adapts Secure boot and Trust zone, and allows developers easily transplanted the model to the edge of the device.