Podcast AI Audio Mixer | MicLIVE™ 6-CH

Winning Reason

This product was made specially for the podcast market with several mixing features in an all-in-one design, including six channels for audio input. With its customizable audio effect jingle pads and human-robot collaborative design, it lowers the barrier to entry for podcasting and allows for easy operation by a single person. Using AI machine learning equalizer algorithms, it can intelligently reduce noise and adjust audio for the recording environment, allowing for high quality audio recording in real time even in poor audio conditions. This product can optimize the speaker's voice in real time for a polished audio experience.

Product Feature

1. All-in-one design simplifies audio mixing workflow
2. Enhances microphone audio quality with enhanced acoustic models, AI SmartEQ
3. Jingle pads save up to 8 sound effects that can be customized
4. Contains 24 Voice FX programs
5. Diversified input interface options such as XLR combo microphones, musical instruments, USB audio sources, and phone-in
6. Built-in preamp that provides gain; reliable +48V phantom power for condenser microphones
7. Intuitive software gives users complete control