Openfind Information Technology, Inc.

Openfind Security Service

Winning Reason

Openfind is the largest mail security company in Taiwan. It has won several international awards including EaaS Champion. Its excellent cloud service capabilities are highly recognized by public sector and private companies domestically and internationally. The experts of Openfind have myriad experiences of protection mail systems. Through helping users to protect from real-time attacks, process in-depth forensics of information security events, and provide high-quality analysis of threat information with AI, OSecure helps customers to strengthen their defenses, solve field problems and provide a total solutions for cyber security. The years of hard work invested by Openfind into this service makes it befitting of this prestigious award.

Product Feature

OSecure Cloud Security Service is cloud service brand by Openfind. It provides additional Email security services for corporate, especially good for Office 365/G Suite. OSecure offers advanced prevention with precision filtering technology, upgraded mail protection to ensure the security of corporate communications. Also it offers adjustable filtering settings and comprehensive review of corporate security requirements and with high-speed interception and report generation for optimal management efficiency.