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Frore Systems

AirJet Mini

Winning Reason

With the AirJet Mini, consumer electronics can achieve 2x the system performance while being smaller, thinner, lighter weight, dust-resistant, and quieter than other cooling alternatives. Frore System has created a new frontier in tech development, with a solid-state active heat dissipating chip and all new thermal management algorithms. The chip allows for strategic market expansion, and applications in new models for marketing product strategies.

Product Feature

AirJet® by Frore Systems, is the world’s first solid-state chip for active device cooling that is changing the computing industry. AirJet cools devices with breakthrough technology that meets the ever-increasing demands of today’s consumers, delivering a 2x improvement in performance while operating in silence. AirJet’s compact size and unique capabilities will enable faster, quieter, thinner, lighter, and dust-proof devices.