Asustek Computer Inc.

ProArt P16

Winning Reason

ASUS is back with the latest edition of its laptop brand designed specially for creators and widely acclaimed by video and audio specialists — the ProArt P16. By integrating AI technology, the device gives creators the tools necessary to go where no one has gone before and tell the most meaningful stories possible. AI's addition to solutions for video capture, editing, sharing, and content creation coupled with greater post-pandemic demand for travel creation gives rise to opportunities in the market that this laptop can take advantage of with its optimal combination of hardware and software. It truly merits recognition as one of the best creator laptops in the world this year.

Product Feature

  • The ProArt P16 has many features suitable for creation. Being thin, light, and portable with powerful performance, as well as OLED touchscreen, ASUS DialPad, and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 graphics raise the bar for content creation experiences.
  • The ProArt P16 offers a neutral and professional aesthetic. Thin and light all-metal body reflects a solid boutique appearance. Polished lid surface offers a premium impression. CNC unibody aluminum chassis shaves weight while maintaining rigidity.