ThreatSonar Anti-Ransomware

Winning Reason

ThreatSonar's Anti-Ransomware threat detection and response platform brings together intelligence gathering, AI threat detection, and response capabilities to effectively hunt down and combat ransomware attacks. As ransomware attacks grow daily in number and sophistication, the platform can stay ahead of the progress of malicious programs by not only detecting specific software characteristics, but also abnormal behavior to provide comprehensive and robust endpoint protection. It uses AI to protect against and handle the latest threats in real-time, intercepting them and quickly ascertaining their attack pathway.

Product Feature

  • AI-driven threat protection, proactively defending against potential threats.

Detection: The AI-driven detection mechanism brings a quick overview of incidents through auto-generated summary and response suggestions to reduce the risk of the threat.
Analysis: The auto-generated incident analysis bundle makes event analysis more efficient.

  • Behavior detection engine monitors around the clock to uncover the latest threats.
  • Visualize network attack chains & shorten incident investigation time.