Micro-Star International

Cubi NUC Series

Winning Reason

Sustainability throughout the product lifecycle was top of mind when MSI designed its Cubi NUC. It's made with 92% renewable energy and rPET eco-friendly materials and packaged in FSC-certified paper. While in use, the one-click power-saving function and energy cost calculator make the energy-saving process transparent and easy to grasp. The product manual can be accessed via QR code to save paper. And last but not least, MSI has planned lease business models in the U.S. and Germany to facilitate the circular economy by promoting ease of material recycling and reuse. 

Product Feature

  • 0.826-Liter with VESA mountable design.
  • The MSI exclusive software, Power Meter, enables one-click power saving, carbon emission calculation, and electricity cost estimation.
  • Made with PCR-recycled plastics.
  • FSC™-certified carton material.
  • Waste reduction with recycled molded pulp (100% recyclable).
  • Made with 92% Renewable Energy at the factory.
  • EPEAT Verified - EPEAT Silver and Energy Star Certified.