Framework Computer Inc

Framework Laptop 16

Winning Reason

Sustainable computing is the name of the game with the Framework Laptop 16. This high-performance device comes with upgradeable, modular components that can be swapped out for easy repairs and recycling as part of the circular economy. All the form factor dimensions comply with industry standards to ensure compatibility with existing components and maximum customizability for the user. This device proves that sustainable and practical go hand in hand. 

Product Feature

The Framework Laptop 16 is designed to focus on upgradeability, repairability, and personalization. Except for the ability to replace core and essential modules, the Expansion Bay system enables the upgradeability of high-performance graphics. The Input Module system enables the personalization of the full input deck. The Expansion Card system, allows the end user to select the ports they want. All of this is within a thin, light, Mg-Al chassis that maximizes the use of recycled materials.