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XPG Project NeonStorm PCIe Gen5 SSD

Winning Reason

PCI-e Gen 5 x4 SSDs can only reach peak performance once the problem of effective cooling can be solved. The XPG Project Neonstorm SSD achieves this with active dual fans, an aluminum alloy heatsink, and a closed-loop liquid cooling system, all without sacrificing installation compatibility by keeping the device footprint to a minimum and avoiding the need for an external power source. This top-tier SSD can reach read speeds up to 14,000MB/s and write speeds of 12,000MB/s. And it looks good while doing it, with its unique RGB lighting.

Product Feature

  • PCIe Gen5 x4 interface: sequential read/write speeds up to 14,000/12,000MB/s.
  • Patented dual active cooling system: combines double-layer aluminum air ducts, liquid cooling system and dual fans.
  • Unique heat dissipating design: heat dissipation efficiency is 10% higher than standard SSD heatsinks without liquid cooling.
  • Compact one-piece design, easy to install and does not obstruct other components.
  • Transparent liquid reservoir: cooling liquid status clearly visible with RGB lighting.