Asustek Computer Inc.

ASUS AirVision M1

Winning Reason

ASUS's AirVision M1 comes onto the portable display market boasting a light frame, high resolution, and compatibility with computers, phones, and gaming consoles. Anytime you need a big display, this head-mounted device can provide, business or leisure. It has 0.49-inch Micro OLED screens and FreeForm lenses with up to 60% transparency, which display clear high-resolution images without obscuring the real world beyond. When coupled with a computer, users can freely choose the number, position, and size ratio of displays needed, and the device comes with digital eye distance adjustment and head tracking technology. The future is now, and it's functional.

Product Feature

  •  A productivity tool designed for digital nomads.
  • Generate multiple virtual screens that users can customize to their needs, including screen ratio, screen distance, brightness and also allowing users to pin these screens.
  • High-transparency optical lens (60% transmittance), allowing users to clearly see their surroundings.
  • High wearing comfort: The product design has undergone extensive human engineering testing to provide comfortable wearing experience.