Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

2.5GBASE-T1 MACsec Ethernet Transceiver

Winning Reason

Realtek's Ethernet audio framework provides precision audio timing and real-time AI visualizations to enhance driver confidence in assisted driving technology. It supports high-efficiency Ethernet for a reduction in energy consumption of over 50%. It integrates all this into a package size that's the smallest in the industry. With a first-in-class ASIL-B certification, this offering by Realtek is indispensable for functional safety in assisted driving applications. 

Product Feature

  • The RTL9021AS is the smallest (QFN 5x5) package Automotive Ethernet transceiver that can support 2.5Gbps, the first Automotive Ethernet transceiver to support AEC-Q100 Grade 1 2.5Gbps, and is suitable for ambient temperatures from 40°C~125°C.
  • Its co-layout methodology makes it compatible with different 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet transceivers on the same PCB, matching the requirements of high-, middle-, and entry-level designs. It is the most cost-competitive 2.5Gbps solution.