Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

New Generation AIoT Home Center SoC

Winning Reason

Outstanding product positioning offers high-efficiency AI edge computing, low power consumption, and ultra-integrated single-chip solutions for next-generation Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Functionally, it supports the latest global IoT matter protocol, integrates the world's smallest modules for DDR and NAND flash, and provides the highest IoT security level on the market. Technologically, it delivers high-quality True Wi-Fi 6 dual-band technology alongside comprehensive Bluetooth 5.3 dual-mode technology. Its low-power platform is suitable for battery-powered portable devices. It integrates multiple sensing technologies to ensure the best user experience, including wireless sensing and scanning technology for human motion detection, as well as ultra-low-latency panoramic multichannel synchronous platforms.

Product Feature

The RTL8730E integrates new-generation Wi-Fi 6 dual-band and BT 5.3 dual-mode technologies to provide reliable connectivity and minimize standby power. Equipped with Wi-Fi sensing and smart voice technologies, the RTL8730E detects a user’s presence in the room, thereby further advancing smart home automation. The RTL8730E enables the creation of a wireless home theater to deliver high-fidelity, low-latency streaming multimedia enjoyment.