ELAN Microelectronics Corp.

AI enabled touch screen Solution for foldable NB

Winning Reason

This device combines AI edge computing, a large foldable OLED display with both writing and touch capabilities, and support for three major active stylus protocols into one epic package. It has curved and time-variable projection trajectory recovery and compensation algorithms built into the device's fold area. The device's touch IC offers the lowest standby power consumption for better design and use of ESG models, and it employs Elan Microelectronics' AI algorithms for better customized features and enhanced product competitiveness.

Product Feature

  • Using AI edge computing technology to support large-size, foldable NB, solving the problem of foldable 17.3" large-size OLED touch panel up to 800pF load and high noise , and supporting active pen stroke prediction to enhance the smoothness of the writing experience.
  • Supports the palm rejection and waterproof feature.
  • Supports Google USI, MSFT MPP and Wacom AES.
  • Intelligent power management with dynamic control for the lowest standby and operating power consumption in the market.