1. Background

Taiwan is the center of global ICT supply chain and COMPUTEX TAIPEI offers the largest number of Taiwanese suppliers; offering complete product supply chain, diverse categories and high originality. These features are why international buyers attend COMPUTEX TAIPEI and at the same time, what Best Choice Award (BC Award) values the most. In order for overseas buyers to find the most outstanding ICT products quickly in a one-stop platform, the organizers established the BC Award in 2002. The Award also serves as a stimulant for creativity while at the same time assisting the local ICT industry expand to international markets. The award winning products are announced as the 『Best of COMPUTEX』 and will receive increased publicity, promotional activities and ceremonies.

2. Election Process

■ 2018 Schedule

Date Schedule Details
01/29 ~ 03/27 Registration Application documents submission and forms delivery must be done before 15:00 on 27th March 2018 (Taipei local time, GMT+08:00).
03/30 ~ 04/08
Primary Assessment Documents review.
04/17 ~ 04/23
Secondary Assessment Demonstration and presentation.
04/27 ~ 05/04 Final Assessment Moderator discussion; Finalists for “Best Choice of the Year” may be required for additional presentation.
Press Conference Announcement of the Winners.
Award Ceremony Award Presentation of the “Best Choice of the Year”winners.
06/05 ~ 06/09
Award Exhibition Awarded products displayed on 1st Floor at Nangang Hall.

《The above schedule may change without prior notice, please refer to the official site for the latest information》

3. Qualification

Applicants must be exhibitors of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018

(1)Application will not be accepted if the exhibitor withdraws their application or were not allocated a booth.

(2) If the applicant withdraws from COMPUTEX TAIPEI after submitting, their documents will not be returned.

Registered Products:

  • Registered products must be completed in terms of development and launched to the global market before 5th June 2018.
  • Products that win the award must attend the pre-show press conference and award ceremony. If the winners cannot participate in the conference and ceremony, the organizers reserve the right to cancel their award and grant the honor to the second place winner.
  • Registered products must be guaranteed not to infringe on any intellectual property rights. Applicants must bear all legal liabilities or responsibilities for any lawsuits or legal disputes which may occur. The organizers have the right to cancel the show and the applicants must return the trophies and certificates.

4. Application

 The BC Award covers 16 categories. Each category will select at most 4 winners and 2 Golden Awards
01. AI  & Big Data (new) 09. IoT Applications (new)
02. Communication & Networking
10. IPC & Embedded Products
03. Computer & System
11. Mobile Devices & App
04. Consumer Tech (new) 12. Peripherals & Accessories
05. Data Storage
13. Security
06. Enterprise Application & Service (new) 14. Smart City (new)
07. Gaming & Entertainment
15. Smart Retail
08. IC & Components 16. VR/AR Application
 Additional 4 Special Awards will be selected by professional Jury

Best Choice of the Year

The winner for the selected best performing product must attend the final assessment meeting for briefing.

Green ICT Award

For the most environmentally friendly products. Candidates must fill in the application form.

Best Design Award

For Products with the most attractive product design. Judges will be professional designers. Candidates must fill in the application form.

Jury's Special Award

SMEs' products that are innovative, outstanding, and with market potential.

5. Evaluation criteria

 The three major highlights of this award are: Functionality, innovation, and Market Potential. Applicants should select and apply to the corresponding category according to the product's attribute.

 Each product is limited to apply to a single category, an additional special award competition entry form is required to be filled out in order to compete for Green ICT and Best Design.

 Selection criteria for each category (click for more details.)

6. Registration

 There are no restrictions to the numbers of products submitted by one company. Each product may only apply for one categoryand no co-registration between many companies is allowed.

 Any information provided by the applicants will be handled in strict confidence. The applied materials will not be returned.

  If applicants fail to meet the eligibility criteria and insist on sending their materials, the application material will not be returned, and the organizers will cancel the application.

 All applicants must fill in the required information online, and input the content details accurately. Primary assessment is the validation of these materials and any insufficient or incomplete information will severely affect the result of the assessment.

 The organizers reserves the right to amend any rules if necessary.

6.1 Registration Process

【The following steps must be completed before 3:00 pm on March 27, 2018, failure to complete the process before the deadline will result in immediate disqualification.】

Step 1
Online Login
  • For new applicants, please register on the Best Choice Award website .
  • Registered companies, please login in with the previous account password.
Step 2
Confirm Information
  • After login, the system will show the company's basic information. Please confirm if the information is correct.
Step 3
Add New Product
  • Input the new Products : basic introduction, size specifications, award categories...,etc.
  • Each company can add any numbers of product, each product will automatically generate a registration ID.
  • Each product's application form must be completed before3:00 pm on March 27, 2018, or it will be disqualified.
  • Any changes to Product Name, Applied Category after login must be made before14:59:59 on March 27, 2018.
  • After uploading and confirming all materials, applicantsmust print out the "Letter of Acceptance" and upload it to the registration website by 3:00pm on 27 March 2018.
  • If there are more than one attachment files, please merge them into one file before uploading. Please refer to 6.2 instructions for uploading instructions.

6.2 Instructions For Uploading

 Each product registration must be accompanied by a complete application form. Please note the required information:

(1) Product information(Required):enter the product information online.

(2) Product picture(Required)

◎ For assessment reference and the online promotion. Please do not upload multiple products within one photo.

◎ File size is limited to 2 MB, JPEG file format and dimensions: 300x250 pixels. Background must be white or removed.

(3) Reference document(not mandatory)

◎ Reference documents include product patent letter, certificate, test report, award certificate or other supplementary documents.

◎ Please upload all the document in a single file. The file size is limited to 4MB in PDF format.

 Deadline for uploading document is 14:59:59 on March 27, 2018, late uploads will not be accepted

 To re-select document, please upload the latest document and click "Upload", the system will save the latest upload.

 If you sign up for Green ICT or Best Design, you must also complete the application form.

6.3 Instructions For Delivery

 Applicants who applied for Best Design Award, must send one product as basis for the product review. The packaging must have the following information printed on the exterior: the product registration ID, the product category, unit name, and product name. The organizer will hold the product in question during the reviewing process. After the review is completed, the organizer will return the product. The time and detail of delivery will be announced. The exhibitor shall bear the delivery cost, retrieval cost, and insurance fee. The organizer shall not be responsible for any damages caused during the delivery.

 Please pay attention to the 3:00 pm on March 27, 2018 deadline, candidate products that arrive after 3:00 pm will be disqualified. Recipient's Address: Best Choice Award Committee of Taiwan Computer and Information Network Center, No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Daan District, Taipei 10617, Taiwan

 Please make sure products sent with express delivery arrive before the deadline as late arrivals will be disqualified. Please send the products to the following address "Room 216, National Taiwan University Affordable Care Center, No. 170, Sec. Sec. 2, Taipei City". attn: Ms. Huang Shuling (02-33665047).

 For the confidentiality of the registered products, exhibitors are not allowed to send the products in person.

 Received status is not open for inquiry until one week before deadline. Please check with your delivery service (post office website or courier company). Inquiries for received status will be open in early April.

7. Assessment Notification

 The organizers will select the Jury of Best Choice Award (hereinafter referred to as the jury) from government, academic experts and professional media editors to take charge of the related work such as selection and review.

 Three stages of assessment:

(1) Preliminary Assessment: The jury will review and assess the registered materials.

(2) Secondary Assessment: Companies that pass the Preliminary Assessment have to present their product attributes and demonstrate their product.

(3) Final Assessment: With reference to the Preliminary and Secondary Assessment, the jury members will vote on the winners.

 Results of the three-stage assessment will be announced online, officials from NTU will notify finalists to participate in the next stage assessment (within three working days), the applicants should pay attention to the announcement and schedule of the activities in order to facilitate adequate preparation.

 If the registered products proceed to the Secondary Assessment but fail to participate in the assessment briefings or follow-up requirements, the organizer will suspend the company from entering the competition for one year.

 Registered products that are nominated by the jury for the "Best Choice Award" must assign their staffs to attend the Final Assessment for further presentations. The briefing time will be announced at a later date.

8. Application Fee

Application Fee:free

Promotion fee for winners: 20,000 NTD  per product (before tax)

(1) All winners must pay the promotion fee, participate in the pre-show press conference and award ceremony, and cooperate with the organizer to submit promotion document. Details will be listed in the next points.

(2) Those who do not pay the promotion fee will not be able promote themselves in any promotional activities and broadcasts of the organizer. the organizer reserves the right to cancel their award, qualifications, and registrations and award the second winner.

(3)Payment deadline: May 11, 2018(the Organizer will send out a Payment notice by May)

(4) Wire transfer account

Account name: Taipei Computer Association
Bank name and branch: Cathay United Bank (013), Dunnan branch (0534)
Bank Account (14 digits): 824033 + Company registration number (8 digits)
Note: any bank fees incurred will be paid by the applicants, including the bank charges.