07 Jun 2018     

Warning: Don’t Accidentally Eat Maktar’s Newest iOS Accessory Invention

Maktar®, a global technology company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, software and services, announced today its newest, smallest and most affordable iOS accessory product yet. This new innovation, Qubii (pronounced cube-ee), extends Maktar’s Apple MFi approved and industry-leading position in design and multi- function capabilities for iOS devices.

Amazingly weighing in at slightly heavier (16g) and almost the size and shape of the standard campfire-sized marshmallow, Qubii’s tiny footprint is large in functionality. It performs the dual roles of auto backup of critical iOS and iCloud device photos, videos, social media and contact information while also SIMULTANEOUSLY charging the device. This means the consumer will be sleeping better at night knowing their charging iOS device will also be automatically backing up all their important information.

Designed to ‘plug and play’ into the readily available Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (or any other USB charging adapter) as its pass-through external power source, Qubii allows anyone with a MFi certified Apple Lightning to USB cable to easily carry, use and forget about it.

Since 2015, Maktar’s flagship product, PiconizerTM, has dominated the Taiwan market for external Lightning connected iOS storage devices with over 40,000+ consumers sold strictly from its own e-commerce site. Mactaris Chen, Founder & CEO of Maktar,

continues “by leveraging our new Qubii accessory, we will now be able to make our entree and market dominance with iOS device accessories outside of Taiwan. We are ramping up our team, partners and efforts in both Japan and North America, to name a few.”