23 May 2019     

AORUS AD27QD Tactical Monitor Won the Best Design Award

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has launched the world’s first tactical gaming monitor, AORUS AD27QD. After launching their first monitor, gamers are fascinated by its innovative features and design. Today, the honorable judges of Best Choice Award 2019 also recognize AD27QD as one of the best monitors in the market and titled it as the winner of the Best Design Award.


The judges highly appreciated the outer design of AD27QD, commenting “AORUS Gaming Monitor’s design symbolizes to soar on wings like an eagle, sending the message across to gamers subliminally. Through understanding the gamers’ needs, it also implemented a handle on the back of the monitor to avoid overextending the corners which may affect where gamers place their keyboards. This thoughtful consideration in the design deserves recognition.” And also astonished by the unique ANC feature and the build quality of the monitor. “…its ANC microphone is placed in the front right below its logo, which can reduce surrounding noise effectively. The refresh rate is also the highest among its competitors that ensures smoothness for optimal gaming experience.” With the quality and the innovative features that AD27QD brings, no wonder it won the Best Design Award 2019.