28 May 2019     

Announcing the 35 Winners of COMPUTEX Best Choice Award

Taipei Computer Association (TCA), one of the co-organizers of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, pointed out that there are 334 products which registered for this year’s Best Choice Award. Under a close watch from the jury which consisted by professionals from research, government and academia, 35 winning products stood out and 8 outstanding products will be awarded with Golden Awards. The 35 winning products covered 5 major themes of Digital Economy are: AI & IoT, Gaming Entertainment, Video Streaming, Enterprise Application, and Commerce & Lifestyle.


To ensure that the winning products are truly outstanding, the organizer has invited Professor Chih-Kung Lee, Chairman of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Institute for Information Industry (III) as the chief judge of BC Award. Professor Lee stated that as BC Award enters its 18th year, there were changes in the industry. With the popularity of AI, Big Data, and IoT; users are now looking for total solutions. This also made some changes within BC Award that went from a hardware focused award to a more application oriented one.


The judges pointed out that in both the consumer and vertical market; users want the technology they use to be able to solve their pain points. This key mindset is why vendors now integrate hardware and software and take into account the users’ needs during their product design phase. The focus of the judges’ review becomes finding products that solve user pain points and create a sustainable, long term profit model.


Rather than just being yet another chipset for 8K TV, the Realtek RTD2893 8K Video Decoder and Processing IC is cleverly designed to be an easy 8K upgrade option for existing 4K TVs or set-top-boxes. Instead of developing a 8K TV or set-top-box from scratch, it takes only a minimal amount of firmware / hardware modification to upgrade existing 4K systems into 8K by using RTD2893. This is not only significantly reduce the development resources required for 8K systems, but also greatly accelerates the time to market. That’s reason why Realtek RTD2893 8K Video Decoder and Processing IC awarded with Best Choice of the Year.