Enterprise-class Wireless LAN Controller

PLANET Technology Corporation

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Winning Reason

• PLANET's Enterprise-class Wireless LAN Controller ƒƒcan centrally control 1024 indoor and outdoor wireless APs at the same time, and its management performance is better than those of its peers.
• Different levels of management accounts can be created for this Wireless LAN Controller to provide strict and flexible management. The rigorousness and flexibility of the management is better than the current average management accounts.
• The product's applications can cover a wide range of wireless network environments, including hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, public places, SMEs, commercial buildings, etc.
• The cost of the license-free product is competitive. ƒƒOutdoor and indoor installation of wireless APs has become flexible from the standpoint of centralized management.
• The product was launched in April 2018, The sales volume is projected more than 100,000 units worldwide. The market potential is promising.

Product Feature

• The first model to centrally control up to 1,024 outdoor and indoor APs.
• Simplified Cluster Management.
• User-friendly LCD and dashboard management interfaces.
• Cloud management via Google Map.
• Highly-secure AP access.
• Totally free of charge of system upgrade and AP license.