Acer Leap Beads

Acer Incorporated

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Winning Reason

• Very innovatively applying IoT to Buddhism, solving an important unmet need: easily and user-friendly counting the number of religious practices in reciting. The product has a huge potential market given the large population of Buddhists.
• More importantly, there are a number of innovative potential services that can be built upon this product, e.g., social networking, product recommendations, value-added religious blessing, customization, etc. The potential profits of these services could be much larger than the profits of the product itself, a typical example of using hardware products to generate reveunes based on services derived from the products.

Product Feature

• Beads Count Record, Practice Goal.
• Visualize, Digitalize Merits. Dedicate to Friends via Cloud.
• Group Achievement, Connect to Social Network.
• Meditation Surrounding Music.
• Health Track、Calorie Analysis、Step Count、Sleep Monitoring、Incoming Call Notification.