Optix MPG27 Series

Micro-Star International

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Winning Reason

• The five sets of gradient display LED in front can display game status in real-time; it is the world's first monitor that can be connected with games.
• Exclusive Gaming OSD App software that allows changing of monitor settings using the keyboard and mouse and uses hotkeys to switch the aim point and timer functions.
• Best curved 1800R wide-angle panel; not only can it be used alone, three of them can be used perfectly together to form screens with no blind-spots.
• The target product is the world's first gaming monitor that is connected with the games so that players can use the light effects to determine the current status of the game. The large RGB at the back also allows audiences to experience the competition reality, fully satisfying the innovative design trend using users as the core.
• Competitions are no longer limited by screen specifications and the innovative design focused on actual interaction experiences with players; it can best demonstrate Taiwan's design and integration of innovative software/hardware R&D.

Product Feature

1.The world's first Gaming Monitor with gameplay connection and depth integration
2.Curved; Expands your view.
3.1ms + 144Hz - only faster and no fastest speed
4.Personalized design - Mystic Light