FUNTORO Fleet Management Platform for Telematics Application

Micro-Star International

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Winning Reason

• Distributed design with complete functions. Integration of infotainment system, sensor devices and service platform to provide a complete solution and allow simple implementation for customers.
• Advanced technology and innovative applications. Integration of sensor devices and ADAS to provide real-time safety warnings, improve driving behaviours and increase vehicle driving safety. Data on people, vehicle and cargo analyses can be used for increasing management efficiency, UBI insurnace, employee bonus and preventive maintenance etc.
• Meets the needs and has strong competitiveness. IT has been approved and used by many major vehicle manufacturing, and has success cases in 38 countries around the world.

Product Feature

By inducing latest technologies including multiple sensor integration, big data analysis and deep learning, FUNTORO Fleet Management Cloud Platform provides transportation sector a smarter way to control their fleets. The applications such as real-time vehicle information and location tracking, proactive ADAS event notification, SOS warning message, driver behavior and cargo safety monitoring can bring great values to customers and improve operation efficiency along with company profit.