CHT Security Co., Ltd.


Winning Reason

SecuTex supports full-speed skimming below 1Gbps and has a backup mechanism to back up data to storage devices. It can collect network packets at full speed without packet loss. The technology was developed by independently in Taiwan and has the largest database of localized threat information in the country, providing more than 300 search criteria. It has comprehesive information and supports subscriptions on local information security threats. First-hand threat information can be obtained through online information security protection and information security monitoring services, while the built-in cloud information maintains product updates for complete defense protection.

Product Feature

This provides the basis for root cause analysis and cybersecurity hardening. By utilizing the rapid test, we can detect hidden malwares in the enterprise device, which can discover potential threat in the early stage of the cyber incident and reduce the impact of the incident affectively. *Highly efficient full-time network packet recording. *Real-time packet deep inspection. *Highly scalable data storage. *Blacklisting and suspicious activity alerting. *Network Traffic Metadata Extraction. *Network session visualization. *Online forensic platform for network traffic. *Anomaly rapid test on hosts. *Easy to use & deploy. *Fast feedback to identify high risk endpoints. *Very low system resources required. *Yara rule inspection supported. *Local threat intelligence integration.