Asustek Computer Inc.


Winning Reason

PINBO combines a variety of smart sensors and a complete suite of software to create a teaching platform that is as fast and simple to use as a set of building blocks. The interactive device allows children to assemble robots themselves using practical experiments to not just learn about the structure of robots, but also the scientific principles behind them. Students can try out different components and interact with PINBO to learn about programming, how to code, logic, and operational thinking. PINBO's parts are easily assembled and maintained. This product is easy to use and has high future scalability.

Product Feature

 • 80+ modular building blocks

 • Programmable electronic components (main brain, motors, and sensors)

 • Exclusive RFID-programmable instruction cards

 • Gamified task cards

 • A block-based programming tool

ASUS PINBO, the innovative robot designed to revolutionize STEAM and AI education, also received a Category Award. With its comprehensive electronic components, including the programmable main brain, five sensors (line tracking, sonar, buzzer, collision detection, and LED light), and motors, along with over 80 modular building blocks, users can unleash their creativity. The exclusive RFID-programmable instruction cards and 24 gamified tasks allow for a computer-free introduction to robotics programming and the development of computational thinking. Once users have mastered the initial unplugged programming tasks, they can progress to PINBO Lab, a dedicated programming environment featuring drag-and-drop graphical blocks that eliminate the need to learn complex syntax.