Onyx Healthcare Inc.

Medical Surgical Robotic AI Image Computing Platform

Winning Reason

The ACCEL-VM1000 is a high-performance medical AI image computing platform. It supports Intel's 13th generation Core i7/i9 processors and the latest generation NVIDIA graphics card for maximum AI processing performance. Users can record and capture images directly into the system for analysis. It has excellent thermal dissipation technology with a quiet fan. With a 7″ front touch screen, users can easily view captured images while having the system controls, including value adjustmentss, close at hand. It can support two A6000 high-end graphics cards which can be enhanced via NVIDIA's NV Link technology to optimize performance.

Product Feature

Surgical robots are becoming increasingly common in medical applications, primarily for their precision in surgery and the ability to minimize surgical incisions. This is mainly achieved through the use of sensors and cameras located at the end of the robot's arm, which collect a large amount of image and data information for real-time analysis and response. Therefore, medical computers with high-performance image processing capabilities are in high demand, and the ACCEL-VM1000 can support up to two high-end graphics cards simultaneously, along with the latest 13th-generation processor. Compared to the previous generation, the CPU performance has improved by up to 50%, providing customers with the highest AI computing processing power.