Compal Electronics, Inc.

XR CUBE Open Metaverse Cloud Platform

Winning Reason

XR Cube is an extended reality cloud service platform. It integrates and simplifies XR applications deployed on cloud and edge infrastructure to aid developers in creating more diversified extended reality services. In the future, it will be compatible with 5G internet and will be able to adapt to different environments to serve the diverse needs and devices of different users. On metaverse platforms, it can combine the advantages of software and hardware with corporate strategies to build immersive virtual worlds and accelerate the integration of metaverse technologies in various industries. Even after a metaverse platform is created, new innovations should still be researched on existing infrastructure to ensure international standards and services for XR applications.

Product Feature

1.Streaming of any XR application Whether rendering complex AR contents and objects, stitching together 8K stereo video, or rendering volumetric scenes, the XR Cube streaming stack lets developers leverage a flexible high-performance cloud instance as needed. 2.Link XR experience to multi-devices The deployment of XR content and application could not be 'just' a device - the XR Cube brings variety devices for user to experience XR world, such as AR/VR HMD, smartphone, Tablet PC and Laptop. 3.SDK and Tools for Developer Build collaborative, cross-platform mixed reality applications faster using the XR Cube SDK and tools and use the XR Cube cloud rendering resource.