06 Sep 2021     

Jorjin Technologies - A Vision of the Future

Best Choice Award is the official awards of COMPUTEX and has been held annually since 2002. The Best Choice Award (also referred to as BC Award) has served as a reference for domestic and international buyers who are looking for the best ICT products as well as helping promote the winners by sharing news and promotional materials in the official BC Award channels. 

There are 19 winning products in Best Choice Award 2021 consisting of 1 winner of the Best Choice of Year award, 4 winners of the Golden Award, as well as 14 winners of the Category Award. This year, one of the winners of the Golden Award is Jorjin Technologies, a Taiwan based company specializing in wearable technology.

Jorjin Technologies has experience in wireless, central processing, imagery and sensory equipment to provide smart wearable and IIoT devices. With the coming of 5G networks and Industry 4.0 era, Jorjin Technologies pushes forward in the R&D of wearable devices and smart glasses. In addition, they also supply LPWAN (Sigfox and LoRa), wireless internet, Bluetooth and other sensor solutions that can be applied in complete custom IIoT solutions for their clients.

In Best Choice Award 2021, Jorjin Technologies won the highly prestigious Golden Award with the J7EF Plus AR Smart Glasses. It connects to Android smartphones via USB Type-C. It uses the new Si-OLED micro-projection technology to simulate a 120-inch screen display with crystal clear 2D/3D immersive effect. The lightweight and ergonomic design allows users to wear the J7EF Plus AR comfortably for a long time. 

The J7EF Plus AR is integrated with the J7EF Plus AR Menu, an Android application based on Unity. The application uses the built-in camera in the J7EF Plus AR to recognize specific pictures or signs to trigger multimedia information. With built-in sensors, ToF (Time-of-flight) sensors, IMU (Inertial Measurement Units), and a multiple gesture recognition feature; the J7EF Plus AR supports intuitive and non-contact control for multiple applications.

Mr. Tom Liang, the CEO Jorjin Technologies commented on the potential of his product: “Connectivity and information always evolves to be more convenient and liberating; moving from PCs to mobile devices and I believe the future is in wearables; specifically, smart glasses. Our goal is to be able to have a pair of smart glasses that brings clear visual information from everything the users see without delay, hands-free.”

The judge panel of Best Choice Award stated that the J7EF Plus AR won for the following reasons:
“Provides the ultimate in clear 2D/3D immersive imaging experiences, ultra-efficient 3D environmental detection and gesture recognition, while being light and comfortable to wear. This is the start of the new brain computing interface era, bringing about the integration and interaction of people, objects, smart IoT, and digital content information and is the most significant solution to the digital business transformation.”

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For a complete list of the Best Choice Award 2021 winners, please visit the Best Choice Award website: bcaward.computex.biz/WinnerYear.aspx