Best Choice Award Winner logo

Winners will be awarded the Best Choice Award for the entire product life cycle of the winning product.

※ If the promotion materials sent out by the winning companies to the public does not match the COMPUTEX TAIPEI exhibition regulations, or if the BC trademarks are used on non-award winning product promotion, the organizer will demand immediate removal.

Media service

The winners will be able to make the most of the promotion services provided by the organizers as well as the press release.

COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD promotional activities
COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD will hold promotional activities to announce and promote the award-winning products for the year.

Certificate and Trophy
The winners will receive a certificate and a trophy for each of the winning categories. This is the official document showing the best products in COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD.
Online exhibition
Full details of all award-winning products of the year are presented on the Best Choice Award official website.
E-Newsletter : Special Edition
E-Newsletter Special Edition on BC Award winning products will be sent to COMPUTEX buyers and professionals worldwide
Exclusive Video Promotion
The organizer will make videos for BC Award winning products, and publish on COMPUTEX YouTube channel.