07 Sep 2021     

Innodisk – Flash Storage for AioT Architecture

Best Choice Award has been a mainstay in COMPUTEX since its inception. As the official award of COMPUTEX, it offers more than just prestige to the winners but also a great opportunity for promotion from the organizer. In its online format, the winners of the Best Choice Award will be promoted through online media and channels. 

Participating products must fulfill many criteria to win any of the highly distinguished Best Choice Award prizes. The key requirements to win remain that the products must be able to improve the users’ operational efficiency and solve existing pain points of users facing digital transformation. One of the most prevalent digital transformation efforts are in the adoption of AIoT in many diverse settings; including industrial, governmental, city planning, and many more.

AIoT adoption requires many upgrades to the existing digital and electronic resources; many of which might no longer be capable of handling the specification requirements. Eurocoin Components stated that “For real-time data analysis, this [edge computing unit] needs adequate support in the form of flash memory and DRAM.” This pain point is definitely one that Innodisk managed to solve with their winning product: the InnoAGE SSD.

The InnoAGE SSD is the world’s first flash storage product explicitly designed for AIoT architecture with five product design patents. InnoAGE SSD features end-to-end edge and cloud solution with Microsoft Azure Sphere inside. It is also the world’s first SSD to support dual-band management technologies. Its full recovery by hardware level allows easy and simple development. Connection wise, it supports ethernet, wireless 2.4/5GHz dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, as well as both in-band and out-of-band network management and diverse platforms. 

The InnoAGE SSDs also incorporate Innodisk's iCAP technology to work in unison with real-time monitoring applications to provide comprehensive remote hardware monitoring for AIoT.  System integrators and manufacturers have also expressed their interest in forming strategic alliances with Innodisk to develop integrated solutions and replicate them through the global market.

The jury panel listed the following reasons for why the Innodisk InnoAGE SSD won the Gold Award:
  1. Integrates the Azure Sphere suite MCU developed by Microsoft, carries out data collection via the Azure IoT Hub cloud service, and has in-band and out-of-band management for convenient error correction, system updates, data analysis, and AES encryption.
  2. Supports 2 types of internet interface: ethernet and Wi-Fi, providing an internet channel independent of the system itself for convenient connection with cloud services and support of out-of-band management. In addition, it synchronizes to provide the cloud service-based Azure management platform for InnoAGE, allowing the user remote control via a simple-to-use interface.

Watch the full award video here:

For a complete list of the Best Choice Award 2021 winners, please visit the Best Choice Award website: bcaward.computex.biz/WinnerYear.aspx