24 May 2022     

Best Liquid Cooling Solution-KENMEC LS80 CDU Coolant Distribution Unit

Best Liquid Cooling Solution-KENMEC LS80 CDU 

Coolant Distribution Unit

Due to new generation platform of server CPU, high computing GPU and AI chip announcement, the power consumption is increasing to 400W~500W, the fan or air cooling is not capable of dissipation the heat radiation.

Global warming caused the extreme weather and natural disaster, Net Zero is a key topic for enterprises all over the world. How to balance between high electricity consumption and energy saving, it is must be done today.

Above these, with 46 years in automation engineering field KENMEC developed liquid cooling solution which is perfectly ideal for IT server, rack, even internet data center. KENMEC offers all kinds plans according to customer IT server room and contribute to Carbon Neutral for the survival of earth.

The key features of KENMEC liquid cooling product LS80 CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit) is as follows.

  1. Can be set in standard server rack, and apply cold plate or water cooling rear door to transfer the heat radiation.

  2. Maximum cooling capacity is 80kW, it dissipates several server racks thermal radiation.

  3. Dual pump design to offer non-stop operation by returns.

  4. Approved and recommended CDU supplier by Intel liquid cooling 

design guide. 

  1. Valid patent, product designed and manufactured in Taiwan. 

  2. Delivered and operated projects experience, after-sale service.            

KENMEC offers sorts of liquid cooling products to server ODMs and co-work with system integrators for government departments, semi-conductor manufacturers on their new data center building up or improvement. At the mean while KENMEC is trying to save a clean world for our next generation.

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