24 May 2022     

Breaking through traditional analysis technology, Beseye creates a comprehensive Hedge Intrusion Detection Solution

Breaking through traditional analysis technology, Beseye creates a comprehensive Hedge Intrusion Detection Solution

In today's global campuses, Béton brut walls are often replaced by boundary walls and hedges. However, with new changes, comes new challenges. Initially, Béton brut walls were designed to keep intruders out, and the guards could easily manage the entrance and exit, but now that such compound walls are replaced by boundary walls and hedges, which makes it easier for strangers to enter. Students may also climb over walls to leave campus.

To help detect and alert intrusion attempts, school security measures call for virtual perimeter systems to be installed within schoolgrounds. Object detection and infrared sensors are common solutions implemented by current schools, due to the advantage of infrared detection and object recognition technology is that it is not limited by terrain, and when dynamic behavior near the wall is detected, an alarm can be issued. However, according to the actual experience of the school, at every instance that the slightest motion, regardless of animal, object, or human has been detected, the alarm would be triggered, resulting in a rate of false alarms. Over time, this kind of false detection has caused troubles in security management, and the reliability has also been greatly reduced.

Looking at the criticized pain points of traditional video analysis technology, Beseye has developed a "Long-Distance Hedge Intrusion Detection Solution" to solve the shortcomings of traditional detection systems, this solution automatically analyzes field hazards and sends notifications in real time. Beseye’s exclusive Hedge Intrusion Detection Solution analyzes via 4000 distinct biometric points distributed across the human body, first the head-shoulder contour, then the joints to determine posture and action and finally, the fence, based on its relevance to the human and actions previously detected, yielding pinpoint accuracy of 99.95%.

Featuring a unique distance optimization technique, Beseye’s Hedge Intrusion Detection Solution can enhance resolution relevant to the subject of analysis, with a detection range of up to 50 meters. As Beseye’s Hedge Intrusion Detection Solution comes with video management system, users can configure the settings all by themselves. It allows schools to monitor multiple fields at the same time, effectively reducing the burden of human patrol. Clear interface and simple steps make it easier than ever for security teams to protect the safety of every corner of the campus. Finally, in terms of installation cost, as the Beseye system is compatible with most existing cameras in the field, it can save the school tens of thousands of dollars in hardware construction costs.

At present, Beseye’s Hedge Intrusion Detection Solution have been widely adopted by governments, enterprises, and homes around the world. Beseye's customers include primary and secondary schools in northern Taiwan, JFE Steel, the second largest steel factory in Japan, and AU Optronics Corporation (AUO), the world's top optoelectronic solutions manufacturers. 

Beseye hopes that the world can implement automated security protection with technology in the simplest way.

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