20 Jun 2023     

COMPUTEX 2023 Best Choice Award Golden Award - Frore Systems AirJet Mini

One of the Golden Award winners in this year’s Best Choice Award 2023 is the AirJet Mini by Frore Systems; the world’s first solid-state chip for active device cooling. The AirJet Mini enables consumer electronics to achieve double their system performance with a smaller, thinner, and lighter cooling component that is also dust-resistant and silent.


In an interview during COMPUTEX 2023, Frore Systems’ Founder & CEO; Seshu Madhavapeddy, PhD shared how the AirJet Mini can help emerging technologies and solutions with high power demands. Devices with high computing power will inevitably consume more power that will be converted to heat; making advanced cooling solutions a vital necessity for advanced systems.


As consumers also demand smaller form factors with more advanced computing, the heat and thermal challenges are multiplied and conventional air cooling might no longer be enough while advanced heat dissipation such as water cooling might not fit into certain devices. AirJet Mini’s capabilities enable better heat dissipation from various devices and its small, compact form factor means it can be installed in many hardware types, including mobile devices.


In addition, hardware manufacturers today are also faced with demands for better and more concrete measures to achieving net-zero sustainability goals. One of the main features required is for lower energy consumption or better energy efficiency; which can be seen as one of the bare minimums for manufacturers. AirJet Mini can improve the performance of existing components, enabling higher performance in a smaller form factor which supports sustainability efforts by reducing material requirements. While, the AirJet Mini can be installed in existing devices, specific technical expertise is necessary to ensure the component is installed and functions properly, so the company is not currently providing AirJets to individuals for integration.


The AirJet Mini is suitable for more than just mobile consumer devices, it can also be used to support AI applications that continue to grow in popularity. Dr. Madhavapeddy separated AirJet Mini’s role for AI applications into 2 parts: edge AI and data centers.


All devices with computing power now will become more powerful as AI features are added in; which will meet the same problem as mentioned before: requiring more power and generating more heat. This means for more devices to incorporate the latest AI-capabilities, it is important to improve their thermal performance which is an issue that AirJet Mini can solve.


As AI applications grow in capabilities and popularity, data centers are undergoing transformation in 2 key areas: improved hardware power and the growing number of NAND SSD memory. The growing number of NAND memory is a rather unique problem to AI applications as the NAND memory is used to store as well as read and write the data with very high data bandwidth; which will generate a significant amount of heat.


Integrating AirJet Mini into data centers will improve not only the power and computing efficiency, but also the data access speed; especially for data stored in memory. The processors in AI data centers need to access a lot of data in memory and the data read & write rate are highly dependent on the memory access speed. The increasingly powerful hardware needed to achieve this high access speed will generate more heat, so AirJet Mini’s thermal dissipation capabilities make it a great addition to any AI data centers and edge AI-powered devices.