27 Mar 2024     

Best Choice Award 2024 Highlights the Sustainable Tech Special Award

The Best Choice Award serves as a reliable purchasing guide for COMPUTEX visitors since its debut in 2002. The BC Award helps overseas buyers find the most outstanding ICT products in a one-stop platform while honoring the innovations found in the winning products as well as helping participants expand their reach to the international market.


This year, the BC Award 2024 will cover 15 different categories and the top 3 categories are: Computer & System, Gaming & Entertainment, and AI, Big Data & Cloud Computing. The registration data reflects the current market trends of growing interest in AI both as a technology as well as its possible applications and supporting hardware/ components.


Registration for the official award of COMPUTEX, Best Choice Award will end on April 10 and interested participants are encouraged to register their products as soon as possible. Participation for the BC Award is limited only to COMPUTEX exhibitors and every exhibitor can register up to 5 products for free.


Recent trends in the ICT industry have shown the importance of sustainability as companies across various verticals aim to reduce their carbon emission. In response to this transition, the Best Choice Award (BC Award) will highlight the Sustainable Tech Special Award to encourage more manufacturers and participants to develop more sustainability related products that meet the needs of their customers.


Started in 2023, the Sustainable Tech Special Award has seen an increase in participation as more exhibitors applied for the award. This also shows how manufacturers also see the importance of as well as the business opportunities presented by sustainability in the ICT industry. The judging criteria for this special award can be found in this introductory video. The general requirements for the Sustainable Tech Special Award include: high energy efficiency to utilizing recycled materials, easy to disassemble design, and more.


Winners of the Best Choice Award 2024 will be featured in the dedicated BC Award pavilion during COMPUTEX 2024 and promoted online via social media posts and online newsletters. The winners of the Best Choice of the Year Award as well as the Golden Award winners will be presented with their trophies during the COMPUTEX 2024 opening ceremony.