Asustek Computer Inc.

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Winning Reason

• The biggest highlight of this mobile phone is its world's first ultra-wide-angle four-lens camera with high resolution. The demand for camera functions such as selfie, wide-angle panorama, and group photography can be satisfied. It is quite attractive to photographers.
• The price of mobile phones is set at USD$299, first locked in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. At the same time, there are considerable demands for people who like to take selfies and photographs. With clear target markets, the product has excellent market potential.
• It uses the Qualcomm chip and is equipped with Bluetooth function; although it is not expensive, but it has great functions and accessories. It has a great performance/price ratio.

Product Feature

ZenFone 5Q has a world-leading quad-camera system that takes your photo experience to the next level. At both front and rear, it features a high-res main camera plus a second wide-angle camera. Whether you love selfies, wefies, action shots, portraits, landscapes or 4K UHD videos, ZenFone 5Q is unbeatable.