Realtek Bluetooth5 LE SoC (RTL8762C)

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

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Winning Reason

• Includes performance, function and power-saving architectual design.
• Supports Bluetooth 5 and MESH, able to connect with IoT applications and accelerate commercialization for manufacturers.
• Uses Taiwan's advanced TSMC 40nm low-power process with the lowest Rx power consumption.
• Automatic pairing mode can simplify Bluetooth pairing process, allowing easier applications.

Product Feature

Realtek's RTL8762C is the lowest-power BLE SoC available in the market; perfect for Bluetooth remote control, Bluetooth wristband, and IoT appliance. It has an integrated voice processing unit to expand Bluetooth products for voice value-added applications while supporting the latest Bluetooth 5.0 specification with BT SIG self-organized Mesh profile, thereby enabling IoT applications to be deployed through Bluetooth very easily. In addition, the RTL8762C supports Auto-Pairing mode to simplify Bluetooth pairing for a better setup experience, and to facilitate Bluetooth everywhere and every thing.