Aleta S2C 360 Camera

Ultracker Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Winning Reason

This 360 camera produces high quaility pictures and videos in real-time computing with the FPGA technique. It has also been recognized by famous 360 camera celebrities, which shows the potential of this product. The utilization of the 360 camera is pratical and useful for the companies which need to show the panorama to their customers.

Product Feature

1. 12K ultra high resolution photography.
2. One click operation without post editing.
3. Real time optical stitching.
4. Up to 8K time lapse.
5. HDR (3 exposures with 0.1 second interval).
6. 360 LIVE streaming.
7. Exclusive patent protected front end stitching.
8. Great night vision with 3D noise reduction.