Zenbo Junior ( Booth No. :M0410 )

Asustek Computer Inc.

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Winning Reason

Zenbo Junior is a new member of the well-established Zenbo robot family from Asus, with a specific focus on the educational market. We find it innovative for the following reasons:
  • Elegent system integration that combines voice, facial, image, object recognition, natural langue interfaces and a multitude of robotic sensors into a small profile robot.
  • Friendly, intutitve user interface and smooth user experiences, especially to the target educational users.
  • Flexible content management platform that allows customization and expansion for additional educational materials.
  • A bundle of tools to facilitate the AI robotics education.
  • Remote robot console capabile of managing multiple robots at the same time, reducing management hassels of educational institutions and therefore leading to improved classroom adoption.

Product Feature

  • Zenbo Junior a versatile intelligent robot with AI-enabled platform that adapts to various scenarios. The design echoes the emerging STEAM trend encouraging students to face practical problems with trans-discipline thinking. “Zenbo Lab,” a web application that combines perception and block-based coding, reduces the learning curve of basic robotics, AI concepts and programming languages. For businesses, administrators efficiently build and deploy robotics solutions with Zenbo Management System.