8K Video Decoder and Processing IC (RTD2893) ( Booth No. :T101A )

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

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Winning Reason

  • The Realtek RTD2893 8K Video Decoder and Processing IC is well deserved for the Best Choice Award for its innovative product definition and positioning, which reflects a deep understanding of market and customer needs.
  • Rather than just being yet another chipset for 8K TV, the RTD2893 is cleverly designed to be an easy 8K upgrade option for existing 4K TVs or set-top-boxes. Instead of developing a 8K TV or set-top-box from scratch, it takes only a minimal amount of firmware/ hardware modification to upgrage existing 4K systems into 8K by using RTD2893. This not only significantly reduce the development resources required for 8K systems, but also greatly accelerates the time to market.

Product Feature

  • The Realtek RTD2893 can upgrade a 4K TV platform to a fully functional 8K TV. Support for 8K AV1/HEVC/VP9 video decoding, HDMI 2.1 8K input and output, secure video bit stream transmission over USB/PCIe, and 8K video processing including all HDR formats, allows the RTD2893 to dramatically reduce 8K TV development time for all TV brands. The RTD2893 presents a very cost competitive 8K TV solution with all DDR memory inside.