AI 360 degree fisheye image smart car flow detection technology ( Booth No. :L0427a )

ELAN Microelectronics Corp.

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Winning Reason

  • The first traffic analysis solution on the market with 360˚ fisheye image + AI algorithm.
  • 360˚  image traffic analysis with AI edge computing, images are analyzed directly by the Local end, without broadband network or uploading to the cloud, saving a lot of transmission time and cost.
  • Use one fisheye camera to replace 7 to 8 gun cameras in the traffic analysis application.
  • Provide 95% accuracy rate in day, night, rain, and even bad weather conditions by using AI algorithm.

Product Feature

  • Intersection 360 AI Vision-based Traffic Recognition
  1. Vehicle size (Large ,Middle, Small) recognition
  2. Turning directions (Left, Right, Straight)
  3. Locomotive Flow
  • Transfer Lane can be adjusted
  1. When the same lane switch becomes a temporary transfer lane , you can instantly change direction , no need to move detection equipment
  • Locomotive Traffic Detection
  1. In response to Taiwan's special locomotive culture, we develop and cooperate with the government and do promotion to Southeast Asia